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See what others have to say about BRANDY!

Beverly Johnson, Supermodel, “I like BRANDY – because it reminds me of sweet summer memories.”

Deborah Gregory, Author of Catwalk, “I adore BRANDY – it suggests the smell of fresh cut grass, aromas of fresh fruit and cool breezes.”

Philip Douglas, Hair Dresser to the Stars, “I am so excited about the Brandy fragrance…what a chic perfume with a bright uplifting scent. To me it’s the perfect Accessory!”

Pat Brown, Therapeutic Riding Instructor, “I am delighted to wear BRANDY. My horse and those at the EquiCenter, a therapeutic center that offers riding for the disabled, will be delighted as well.”

Patrick Neas, Morning Show KXTR, Kansas City, “That is the best smelling perfume I’ve EVER smelled in my life and I really raved about it on the air.”

Marilyn Horne, Metropolitan Opera Diva, “It is really fabulous.”

Dame Judi Dench, Oscar Winner, “Beautiful perfume.”

Rasta Thomas, Dancer & Varna Gold Medal winner, “I find BRANDY delightful. The lotion ROCKS!”

Dick Button, Olympic Skating Champion & TV commentator, “I’ve never worn anything with a smell on myself before, but I’m going to wear BRANDY.”

Dallas Morning News, “Now BRANDY eau de toilette has become something of a scent-sation.”

Rusty Haynes, President, Santa Rosa Palomino Club, “Not only does it smell very fresh, like the great outdoors here in Texas, but my palomino filly Sissy enjoys the fragrance, too.”

Ashley Andrews, Miss Rodeo America 2007, “BRANDY is simple yet elegant, and has a very genuine and beautiful scent!”

Performance Horse Magazine, “A sample came to the office and we all fought over it. Surprise of all? One of the gentlemen in the office packed it off home!”

Sasha Cohen, Olympic Silver Medalist, US Figure Skating Champion, “I LOVE it (BRANDY)!”

New York Post, Joseph Policar of Cambridge Chemists, “Very few people who pick it up do not buy it.”

Selena Ulch, Miss Rodeo America 2005, “BRANDY is wonderful. I really enjoy it.”

CBS Channel 2 News, “Smells terrific. The new BRANDY perfume is HOT!”

Jenny Pitman, OBE, D.J.S. Racing (U.K.), “Heavenly perfume. I can’t wait to be invited somewhere special so that I can wear it.”

Paul Coyte, BBC Radio, London, “We don’t usually plug products on the BBC, but this (BRANDY) is special.”

Newsweek, “Fruity scent with hints of apples and peaches. He (Brandy) was the final judge.”

CNBC Great Stuff!, Jim Watkins “This is a unique product.”

Self Magazine, “Brandy … is the inspiration for the fruity, herbaceous scent of the same name.”

Sarah Lenore, Country Western Recording Sensation, “People ask me what’s that perfume you’re wearing? I proudly tell them BRANDY. It’s so refreshing, and I love to wear it while performing.”

Womens Wear Daily, “After a particular rave … BRANDY got a boost from makeupalley.com.”

Gallop, U.K., “Great new American fragrance.”

Christine Goerke, Metropolitan Opera Star & Richard Tucker Foundation winner, “BRANDY is lovely. It’s just what I like to wear.”

Denver Post, “BRANDY, you’re a fine fragrance something of a favorite with rodeo royalty.”

In Style, Pony Tales, “Dame Judi Dench wears the scent.”

Lori Bortner, Miss Rodeo America 2003, “I absolutely love the fragrance and am constantly complimented on it.”

Barry Lewis, PBS TV Star and Architectural Historian, “BRANDY makes me feel like I’m sitting in a luxurious overstuffed armchair, set in a field of wild flowers.”

GaWaNi Pony Boy, Top Horse Trainer and Lecturer, “BRANDY is wonderfully natural and earthy.”

Kara Brown, Miss Rodeo America 2002, “I like the soft personal ambiance I create when I’m wearing BRANDY.”

Houston Chronicle, “Now comes a fragrance that is horse approved.”

Polo – Players Edition Magazine, “What do Rodeo Queens and Opera Divas have in common? BRANDY eau de toilette.”

Western Horseman Magazine, “Thumbs up from several WH staffers sophisticated yet down-to-earth.”

DJ DAM, aka David Martinez, Top DJ of Webster Hall, NYC, “I always wear BRANDY it intrigues the ladies. BRANDY is original and unique.”

Karen Turvey, Equine Extremist, “Finally a perfume for the world I live in – my secret training tool.”

Kansas City Star, “It is indeed a clean, refreshing scent.”

Bobbi Jo Anderson, Miss Rodeo South Dakota, “I love the smell and now have switched over to your line. I will be spreading the word about your product.”

Equus Magazine, “Horses are discriminating creatures in many ways, but who knew they had such refined taste in perfume?”

Joni Harms, Renowned Country Western Recording Artist, “I LOVE wearing BRANDY.”

Gaited Horse Magazine, “A scintillating scent that will entrance your horse and enhance your atmosphere.”

Stern, Germany, “Ein Duft für alle, die von keuchenden. Hengsten verfolgt werden.”

Brandy Elliott, Miss Rodeo Texas, “Incredible fragrance.”

Riding, U.K., Review, “A timeless perfume that makes you feel really special when wearing it, whether dressed in jodhpurs or evening wear.”

Southern Lady Magazine, “BRANDY has herbaceous notes in it. … It’s a very unique scent.”

Paint Horse Journal, “When the Journal field-tested the scent in a pasture, several horses were attracted to it.”

Ride Magazine, “Horses and horsemen have fallen in love with the product.”

New York Times, “Brandy himself picked the scent from a number of test batches.”

Horse Magazine, U.K., “Fresh from taking America by storm, BRANDY eau de toilette is set to have the same impact on the equestrian world in Britain.”

Darci Robertson, Miss Rodeo America 2004, “I love BRANDY. It helped me keep calm during the pageant.”

Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, “Ernest Beaux, who created Chanel No. 5, had Coco Chanel, she (Patricia) had Brandy.”

Hunter and Sport Horse Magazine, “Brandy … assisted artist Patricia Namm, the fragrances creator, to select the lovely final formula.”

Yarnell Farms, “Our stallion Major Investor … loves your new fragrance, BRANDY. We love it, too.”

Coins Magazine, “Namm has styled Brandy in the form of ancient coins.”

Katie Cox, Miss Rodeo Arizona, “I haven’t gone a day without this new scent and carry my mini-lotion with me everywhere!”

Palomino Magazine, “Palomino inspires fragrance.”

Appaloosa Journal, “BRANDY … fragrance for men, women … and horses.”

Lori Bortner, Miss Rodeo America 2003, “I absolutely love the fragrance and am constantly complimented on it.”

Dans Papers, The Hamptons, LI, “BRANDY fragrance is worn worldwide by sports enthusiasts, equestrians, dancers, singers, actors and people of good taste who praise it as a favorite deesser.”

Conquistador Magazine, “Exciting new unisex fragrance.”

Quarter Horse Journal, “Calling connoisseurs of fine fragrance: A scrumptious scent hits the shelves of a posh perfumery near you.”

Horse People, “We horses have such good taste.”

Horse and Hound, U.K., “Pamper yourself (with BRANDY).”

Horse Show Magazine, “The word is that the scent imparts a sense of well being to both horse and rider.”

Twoj STYL, Poland, “Perfumy ida jak woda.”

Sara Ann Haney, Miss Rodeo Kansas, “I love the perfume and lotion, and so does my horse Duke.”

Dressage Today Magazine, “New appealing eau de toilette.”

Horse Directory, “Patricia Namm, creator of the delightful BRANDY perfume ”

Terry Owens, owner of USET Gold Medal winner, Smartest Chic Olena, “BRANDY is exquisite, and I love the Body Lotion for combating the dry weather here in Texas.”

Dance Spirit, “Brandish this (BRANDY) body lotion when conquering dry skin.”

Tea Time Magazine, “BRANDY elegant and refreshing.”